When it comes to remaining competitive and relevant in insurance, it really comes down to the talent you have on your team, said Peter Arkley, president, Alliant Retail Brokerage.

At RISKWORLD 2024 in San Diego, Arkley sat down with Risk & Insurance to discuss what makes the culture at Alliant Retail Brokerage top-notch, and how that contributes to having a good, reliable team in tow.

“People who like the entrepreneurial spirit … [who are] self-motivated” are a good fit for this business, Arkley shared. At Alliant, “we’re not going to micromanage you … We try to find someone who is mature, very strategic, wants to be part of a group and work together.”

Later on in the conversation, Arkley shared more about Alliant analytics and how its investment in data analytics has set them up for success.

“What’s really special about us is … we’ve developed analytics by specialty. So, construction is a good example. In construction, we’ve probably dealt with over 250,000 subcontractors over the years. We’ve been able to develop information about that subcontractor base,” he shared.

Here’s our conversation with Arkley in full:

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