It’s a privilege to be part of the group of editors and writers that judge our annual Power Broker® contest, which is now in its 18th year. I can’t imagine a professional position where I would be privy to the details of so many accomplishments in the public or private sector.

Those that don’t know insurance, and don’t know the impact insurance has, could not possibly imagine what the efforts of these brokers result in.

They enable mergers and acquisitions, the values of which run into the billions.

They protect children, through ever more stalwart risk management techniques, from the predations of would-be assailants.

Era-defining works of art travel from museum to museum and gallery to gallery more safely because of the passion and consideration these brokers give to the transfer and insurance coverage process.

Nonprofits could not fulfill their missions tending to the needs of society’s less fortunate were it not for the dedication these brokers demonstrate in helping them balance what must sometimes seem to be almost irreconcilable financial challenges.

You’d think that in my years of being a Power Broker judge, the past 14 running the contest, that I’d get tired of the amount of work it takes to judge hundreds of applications and pick the winners. I don’t.

I’m humbled and inspired by the work these brokers do. They are at times brilliant, and at other times, unfailingly dogged. They have a work ethic that should be an example to many.

I think I like them most because they are the kinds of people that get things done. They are not on the sidelines thumbing through the program. They have skin in the game. &

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