Leadership skills remain in high demand across all industries. Individuals at all levels of an organization must have core leadership talents to remain competitive, regardless of their official title. But even while employers desire a highly skilled workforce, their learning and development budgets are often spent building necessary technical skills, while leadership talents — considered by many to be “soft skills” — get tabled for a later date.

This raises the question of how individuals can gain these critical leadership skills and qualities in a meaningful way, adding value to their professional lives and enriching their personal ones. The CPCU Society has developed a solution to this challenge through its annual In2Leadership conference, scheduled this year for March 19 and 20 in Phoenix, Arizona.

In2Leadership is open to professionals in any industry, and the content presented will be relevant to people at all levels of their career. Through guided discussions and workshops, participants can choose their own level of engagement as they explore their views on the coursework. Taking advantage of a rotating schedule of leadership sessions throughout the two-day event, attendees can set their agendas to match their interests without missing any content.

Level Up Your Leadership Skills

The CPCU Society is partnering again this year with the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University to design and deliver the conference courses. Participants who complete the full program will receive a certificate of completion from the CPCU Society and the Thunderbird School.

Katherine Horowitz, executive vice president and head of business units at The Institutes, will host a panel discussion on innovation to kick off the conference. This session is geared to inspire participants to begin thinking differently as they approach the rest of the content.

“‘Be Innovative’ is one of The Institutes’ five values, and one we’ve had a particular focus on recently. Most of our leadership has engaged in innovation training over the past year. I’m thrilled to bring the innovation conversation to the stage at In2Leadership. Our panel will discuss innovation on both the macro and micro level, innovation strategies and ideas that the participants can bring home to their work,” said Horowitz.

Professor Denis Leclerc, Clinical Professor of Cross-Cultural Communication and Global Negotiations

Three professors from the Thunderbird School will join the CPCU Society to teach participants leadership skills in six courses. The professors are Professor Euvin Naidoo, distinguished professor of practice in global accounting, risk and agility; Professor Denis Leclerc, clinical professor of cross-cultural communication and global negotiations; and Dr. Marco Serrato, associate vice president, ASU Learning Enterprise and professor of practice at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Here is a list of instructor-led courses that will begin immediately after the innovation discussion.

  • Agile Leadership: Practical Steps to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World will be taught by Professor Naidoo. This course teaches the latest in agile leadership by looking at the transformations various companies have undertaken, and ways participants can keep up with changing demands.
  • Leading with Talent Management: Cultivating High Potential for Organizational Excellence, taught by Professor Leclerc, is a fun, interactive session designed to change the way participants think. The session will reinforce the concept of leaders as talent developers.
  • Navigating FOBO (Fear of Becoming Obsolete) in the Digital Age, taught by Professor Serrato, will help participants turn FOBO into a strategic asset and explore ways to stay ahead of ever-changing technology and work environments.
  • Bridging Generations: Fostering Inclusion in a Multigenerational Workforce is a journey led by Professor Leclerc through an examination of the multigenerational workforce and what this means to leaders.
  • Data-Based Leadership and Effective Decision-Making is an exploration into the art of navigating a data-intense world, taught by Professor Serrato. Participants will gain insights into data-based leadership through real-world examples and discussions.
  • Disruptive Innovation and Crossing the Innovation Chasm will change the way participants think about innovation. The word “innovation” is often overused, and Professor Naidoo will shatter assumptions as he reformulates how innovation, creativity and disruption are viewed.

The conference concludes with a leadership download where participants can collect their thoughts, share their views and discuss ideas with colleagues. The professors will send participants home with takeaway exercises to bring back and use with their teams, helping to ensure that the information learned can be practiced and retained.

Volunteer-Led Workshops Tackle Trending Topics

In addition to the curriculum taught by the professors from the Thunderbird School, there will also be a curated selection of workshops led by CPCU Society volunteer leaders. These include a session on ethical leadership for insurance professionals, a DEIB-centered session on fostering an inclusive workplace and a session teaching participants how to accomplish big goals through connectional intelligence.

One of the facilitators of the connectional intelligence session provided more insight into its purpose.

Euvin Naidoo, Distinguished Professor of Practice in Global Accounting, Risk and Agility

“We are presenting a session at In2Leadership, ‘Getting Big Things Done with Connectional Intelligence,’ based on a book by Erica Dhawan, the keynote speaker at 2022’s In2Risk,” explained Terri Sutton, CPCU, and a partner at Kennedys.

“Whether in our roles with the CPCU, our jobs or our personal lives, all of us have things we need or want to get done. During our session, we will help attendees develop a work plan to achieve one Big Goal,” Sutton said.

“We will talk about the roles effective teams need to get Big Things Done, how to figure out the best role for you to play, and how to delegate the right tasks to the right members of your team to achieve your goals. Whether it’s a CPCU event, a major work project or planning the best vacation with your family, you will come away from our session with a work plan you can use to Get Big Things Done. And you just might find some inspiration for your next big idea!”

All Professionals Are Welcome to Attend In2Leadership

Anyone can benefit from the leadership skills taught at In2Leadership, and registration is open to all — you do not need to be a CPCU Society member to attend. Register today to join your peers in Phoenix March 19 and 20 to level up your leadership skills.

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